Guns of Boom: A Review

Even though you may laugh aloud at the mention of this game’s name, the game itself is spectacular.

This is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game that comes with amazing, high-quality cartoon graphics that show up in some of the best ways. It comes with speed, while giving you high shooter action that mobile games have not capitalized much on.

If competitive shooter games excite you, do not bother reading the rest of the article. Download the game off the Android and iOS app stores and start playing.

Shoot them up

Battles are set as 4v4 combats, guided by impressive and detailed maps. Your job is to get teammates, move around the game, and you try to kill the other team. Games are set in time limits of five minutes, so the team that has the most points wins.

From there you will acquire some plunders, finish advanced levels or tasks, and then get back in the game to raise your score. There are lumps of armor to wear, gold to earn, and guns to unlock.

The game controls are very user-friendly. All you do is move your finger on the left side to move, and another button on the right side adjusts your aim. You begin firing immediately the aim settles on your adversary.

You can use also other buttons on the screen as well. One of them allows use of a health pack, while one of them throws a grenade. You also have a button for iron sights, and if you get close to an enemy, a button appears that lets you stab them.

There are limits to the health packs and grenades you get at the beginning, but you can increase them by opening the free crates or spending gold released to you every few hours.

The action is very fast, and the maps have amazing detail. There are places where you can flank, choke points, as well as high ground you can reach and snipe from, and exploring every aspect gives you advantages in fights.

You can spend earned cash from your fights to upgrading your arsenal or new guns or use to get free gunbucks. Regardless of whether you are want to reach the next level, earn some money, or accomplish missions, the game sets you, you find yourself wanting more!

Not many shooter games on mobile contain this much fun in such a package. This beautiful AAA experience keeps you going back into just to enjoy the commotion of the guns.

Shoot them down

There is a lot more to discover and accomplish in Guns of Boom, but I think it is the best choice if you go and try it. There are, after all, so many challenges to best as well as load outs to perfect.

This year has been excellent in terms of mobile games, but this game, Guns of Boom, raises the threshold even higher. It is very good for multiplayer experiences, so do not wait any longer – drop what you are doing right now and download it.

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