Money Saving Apps and Applications

Technology is everywhere these days. We’ve learned to use it in almost all aspects of life – social, professional, and personal. We self diagnose on WebMD and gossip on Facebook. We even turn into trolls or fairies and storm around saving the world on certain gaming websites. So why not use technology lingo to keep our budgets in check? There are hundreds of apps for smartphones that will help you save money no matter where you are. Budget saving apps can be the solution to a spending or saving problem many of us have. : is a straight up budgeting website that is also available on the iphone as an app. It’s used to track monthly expenses, bills and indulgences and balance them against income and savings. They can automatically access all your credit card, bank and other accounts to keep track of your spending and file everything into their appropriate categories.

Coupon Sherpa or Yowza – Two coupon apps for iphone users who want instant coupons while in the store. The barcodes can be scanned directly from the iphone, so it’s environmentally friendly as well as convenient.

BillMinder – again for iphone or ipod, this bill nanny keeps track of when your bills are all due and makes sure to remind you of what has and hasn’t been paid. This can help you avoid costly late fees and even costlier hits to your credit history.

LoanShark – Loanshark will help you keep track of student loans, mortgages, etc. and help you calculate how to pay these off as quickly as possible. For instance, paying loans earlier then their monthly due date will save you interest, and these programs will let you know how much you save this way. Over the life of a loan some interest here or there can add up to thousands of dollars in savings.

MyATM – f you suddenly find yourself needing cash and don’t want to pay an ATM fee either of this apps will help you locate free or within-your-bank ATMs to use. While ATM fees are usually only a couple dollars, that can quickly add up over the course of a month or a year.

ATM Hunter – Another ATM locating app, it works in a similar manner to MyATM but may have some ATMs that it missed. Two apps are better than one!

These programs, used singly or in conjunction with others, are a great way to keep in budget. Budgeting apps are becoming ever more common and with good reason. We spend so much of our life online. Why not use that time to make our life a little simpler and a little better?

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