Plan your city with SimCity BuildIt

There are millions of shooting games and other battleship games but SimCity BuildIt is a very different kind of game which will be like a change of taste from the regular games, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with the game. It is mainly about you constructing the buildings and making a city work properly, you being the Mayor of the city.

The graphics of the game is really good, and it makes you feel like how a Mayor works in his office in real life, and It is not a piece of cake. Every day new challenges to face as you progress in the game. The essential thing in the game is how you make your city planning.

Making of proper road connections from the highway, initially, it will start with one lane road, as the traffic increases and people start moving in with more building you will need to build bigger and wider roads

The cash provided to you in the game should be used as an when, required, so you must avoid using cash in production to make it finish faster. Just have the patience for the manufacturing to get over with.

Later on in the game, as you progress you will have shipments cargos coming in and out. There will be specific orders that will be mentioned, and you need to manufacture it in the time span and then send it. There is a period to it. If you have the items readily available, you can send the cargo immediately. Avoid missing the cargo to get faster progress

Keep some production going on in the factories till your storage is full; you can always get more storage with the sim cash.

The ultimate work of a mayor is to keep the people happy which is a very easy task if the plan and manage the city properly.

The best part of the SimCity BuildIt is that it can be played offline and gets saved when you are online. If you play online once in a while, you get the privilege of playing offline as well. You get to save a lot of data. Another good thing is that you can play it with your friends. You can visit their cities and get gifts for helping you build your city. You can also trade with your friends or sell extra factory production on the trade exchange visible to other random players, which help you earn quick money. SimCity BuildIt Hack website available which help you play the game with ease, and you do not to worry about being caught.

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