Tips for starting farming adventure with Hay Day

Online gaming is a very popular type of gaming. There are many available games out there. Some of them are more successful than the other. Only few of online games managed to gain phenomenal and sensational success all over the world. Hay Day is one of those few games. Supercell, the company behind the game, is currently celebrating five years of first launch of the game. Since its first release the game received many updates and fixes.

  • Basic information about Hay Day

The game was originally released on iOS platform. One year later, the company launched the game on Android. The game is simulating farm life with its different aspects and activities. The game has received many positive reviews due to its high quality graphics, rich and detailed featuring of farm life. The game controls are smooth and easy to use and hay day cheats have alreay been discovered.

  • The animals of Hay Day

Hay Day is trying to simulate all the sides of farming life. Animals are integral part of farming experience in the whole world. Hay Day players will have plenty and variety of available animals in the game market. The animals in Hay Day are divided into three different categories:

  • Farm animals

They are available in wide range of selections.Farm animals are productive creatures that help players increase their profits.These animals include sheep, pigs, chickens, goats and ducks.

  • Pets

They include different types of cats, dogs and horses. In order for a Hay Day player to get any of these he must redeem a voucher. These pets are not available in the beginning of the game. They are unblocked starting level 20.

  • Wild animals

They are not available for purchase in the market in exchange of coins. In fact, a player can acquire these animals by solving puzzles. These animals include elephants, giraffes and hippos.

  • Starting a farming adventure with Hay Day

If you are starting your first steps with Hay Day, you should keep few things in mind:

  • You won’t start the game on your own

The game will not let you depend on your luck, while you are in the beginning of your farming career. The game will provide a tutorial once you step foot in your farm. The scarecrow Mr. Wicker will introduce all basic tools and options you will use in the beginning. Through the tutorial, you will know how to sow, plant, harvest and sell crops.

  • Money is important

Just like real life, money is important in making the most of Hay Day experience. It is true that the game is free to download and to install, but it contains in-app purchases. These purchases will unlock more animals, machines and other options. The word money in Hay Day can also refer to the unified currency in the game; coins. Coins are actually essential for progressing in that game. The player needs them to buy plants and to expand his farm space. Selling farm products is the most common mean of obtaining coins.

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